appRules Portal



appRules Portal is an integrated solution for data management including data integration, business rules and process automation.
appRules Portal connects, migrates, integrates, transforms and automates virtually all data sources including popular CRM, ERP, Databases, Big Data and others.

appRules Portal can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and is accessible via all popular browsers and devices.
With appRules Portal, companies no longer have to rely on disparate systems for data management.

appRules Portal offers a collaborative environment that supports business and technical users working on the same projects.


Data Migration & Data Integration


appRules Portal includes hundreds of activities for data integration and migration.
The activities are easy to configure and deploy as they require no code.

The data migration and data integration activities include CRM, ERP, Databases, Big Data and other categories.
Activity types include Source, Target, Initializations, Iterations, CRUD and other types.


Powerful Business Rules Engine

appRules Portal includes a powerful and easy-to-use business rules engine that  allows business and technical users to collaborate on decision projects.  The business rules engine can be used to rule-enable integration projects and other processes.

  • Condition Activities
  • Action Activities
  • Rule Sets
  • Various Evaluators
  • Decision Tables



Process Automation


appRules Portal activities can be quickly deployed to automate processes.
Processes can be initiated directly from appRules Portal or triggered from events in external applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite and others.