About appStrategy

appStrategy is a leading global source for surround data integration, migration, automation and governance software solutions.  Along with our growing list of partners, resellers and presence around the world, we are delivering best-of-breed products and solutions to customers in all market segments including government, health care, financial services, manufacturing, information technology and other industries.


Our company is a pioneer in the new space that is focused on not just integrating the myriad of data sources and platforms available today, but also on giving companies powerful tools to define business rules and maintain control over data assets, services and processes.

Surround Data Integration and Business Rules

Whether you are integrating or migrating legacy in-house systems, corporate databases, ERP, CRM, new SAAS platforms in new or existing infrastructure,  appStrategy's surround integration technology offers a superior solution for connecting it all and making it all work.

appCompass Modules

For SMEs and Large Enterprises

appStrategy's products are designed to run right out of the box to support small, medium and large enterprises.

For Business Users and Developers

appStrategy offers solutions that can be utilized by both business users and developers.  The developer edition "snaps" into Visual Studio - the IDE used by millions of Microsoft .NET developers around the world.

The appStrategy Team

appStrategy's executive team has extensive experience in developing and delivering easy-to-use, cutting edge products and solutions that give customers the competitive advantage.